Personalized MLS Crest Medium Basket - 6 Items


Personalized MLS Crest Medium Gift Basket

Elevate your support for Major League Soccer with our exclusive Medium Gift Basket, expertly assembled to encompass league pride while ensuring your little one is wrapped in comfort and style.

Product Highlights:

  • Comprises 3 100% cotton burp cloths, 1 100% cotton terry pullover bib, and 1 100% cotton terry hooded towel with wash mitt
  • Officially endorsed by MLS
  • Each burp cloth, bib, and hooded towel features intricate embroidery of the iconic MLS crest, accompanied by your baby's personalized name or nickname
  • Customized basket liner embroidered with the baby’s name adds a touch of personalized elegance
  • Packaged thoughtfully in an elegant white willow basket, complete with a custom cotton liner for an added touch of sophistication

Infuse your baby's life with the MLS spirit through our premium baby essentials, carefully crafted to merge comfort and unwavering league loyalty. This Medium Gift Basket offers a unique opportunity to introduce your little one to the excitement and legacy of Major League Soccer, a league that resonates with soccer enthusiasts across the nation.

Celebrating the MLS Legacy:

Major League Soccer has woven an indelible legacy, evolving into a symbol of soccer passion across North America. As dedicated fans, we believe in passing down the enduring legacy of this remarkable league to the generations to come.

Secure the Personalized MLS Crest Medium Gift Basket today and offer your baby the gift of unparalleled comfort and league pride. Initiate your child's journey as a devoted MLS supporter!