Personalized MLS Crest Bib and Burp Cloth Set


Personalized MLS Crest Bib and Burp Cloth Gift Set

Celebrate your little one's love for soccer and the exciting MLS Crest with our Toddler Personalized Bib and Burp Cloth Gift Set. Made from 100% soft and absorbent cotton, this officially licensed MLS product ensures both comfort and functionality for your baby.

Soft, Stretchable Cotton for Ultimate Comfort

Crafted with utmost care, the bib features a soft, stretchable cotton neck hole, allowing your baby to wear it with ease and comfort. No more fussing during mealtime – just slip it effortlessly over your baby's head, and they'll be ready for a delightful dining experience.

Absorbent and Stylish Burp Cloths

Say goodbye to messy moments with our absorbent burp cloths that come in the same high-quality cotton material. These cloths not only help you keep your baby clean and dry but also add a touch of MLS Crest spirit to your everyday routine.

Personalized Embroidery for a Special Touch

Make this gift set uniquely yours by adding a personal touch. Each bib and burp cloth features an embroidered MLS Crest, showcasing your love for Major League Soccer. Additionally, you can customize it with your baby's name or a special phrase, making it a cherished keepsake for years to come.

Join the MLS Fans

Just like the passionate MLS fans, this gift set aims to bring joy and soccer spirit to your little one's world. Show your team-neutral support and be a part of the MLS Fans with this one-of-a-kind gift set that celebrates the essence of soccer greatness in the MLS.

Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift for a fellow soccer enthusiast or preparing for your baby's soccer-themed nursery, our personalized bib and burp cloth gift set is the perfect choice. Order now and let your baby dribble and burp in style while embracing the excitement of Major League Soccer!