Personalized MLS Crest Bib


Personalized MLS Crest Pullover Bib - Soft and Absorbent 100% Cotton

Let your little one show their support for Major League Soccer (MLS) with our personalized pullover bib featuring the MLS Crest! Crafted from soft and absorbent 100% cotton, this bib ensures a comfortable and mess-free feeding time for your baby.

Comfortable Design for Your Baby's Delight

We understand that your baby's comfort is paramount, and that's why our pullover bib features a soft, stretchable cotton neck hole. This design allows for easy slip-on over your baby's head, ensuring a snug fit without causing any discomfort.

The gently gathered stretch cotton neck hole ensures maximum comfort, so your little one can happily wear the bib throughout their mealtime.

Representing MLS with Style

Our bib proudly displays the MLS Crest with exquisite embroidery. It's a perfect way to start nurturing your baby's love for the league from a young age!

What makes this bib even more special is the option to personalize it with your baby's name or a favorite phrase. Create a unique and memorable keepsake that celebrates both your baby and the exciting world of Major League Soccer.

Officially Licensed by MLS

Rest assured, this personalized MLS Crest pullover bib is officially licensed by the league, meeting the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

Supporting your favorite league has never been so adorable and practical. Get your personalized MLS Crest pullover bib today and let your baby cheer on the teams in style!