Our Moderation Process for All Personalized Products

All Product

We want our customers to have the opportunity to customize every product that we sell. We invite everyone to tell us how they would like their preferred name or other text to appear by typing that text into the field indicated. However, just because a customer is able to type proposed customization text into the field and is able to complete the order through the website, not all proposed customization text will be accepted. Please note, we may reject and cancel any customization order for any reason, including for messages that are deemed offensive, derogatory, inappropriate or otherwise unacceptable by our quality control team.


In purchasing personalized products from this website, you agree that (i) any content that you include in your personalized products will not contain any Objectionable Content, as further defined below, (ii) your content will not contain materials that are copyrighted or trademarked by anyone else, (iii) you obtain no copyright or other intellectual property right in any design or content of the products that may be used with your content, and (iv) you will not duplicate or republish the personalized products in any manner.


Objectionable Content” shall mean any content that:

  • is (or advocates behavior that is) abusive, deceptive, pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, racially offensive, ethnically inappropriate, defamatory, slanderous, unlawful, abusive, vulgar, harmful, hateful, misleading, harassing, or threatening;
  • violates a third party’s right of privacy or publicity;
  • implies or otherwise suggests any endorsement by, or personal relationship with, Sesame Workshop; or,
  • advocates any religious or political statement, position, affiliation, or ideology,